Iron Woman Fitness Bootcamp

Discover The Joy Of Loving Your Body… Feel More Attractive And Confident With Our New Women-Only Fitness Bootcamp

We Believe Every Women Should Have The Right To Feel Sexy And Look Stunning. But We Know, In Today’s World, Women Are Busier Than EVER!

That is why regular gyms have thousands of students paying a low monthly fee without EVER getting over crowded. The majority of people don’t have the self-discipline to consistently go to the gym on a weekly basis; that’s why they don’t get the results they want.

Let me ask you this…

If you miss a day or two at the gym, or crossfit, or other Bootcamps, do they call you to know why, and keep you accountable? The answer is probably NO, do you know why? BECAUSE THEY DON’T CARE!

Unless you have a personal trainer, which can cost you a fortune, nobody cares if you are showing up and achieving your goals or not. Guess what?

We Do!!!

Here are some shocking numbers:

  • 67% of people that have gym memberships NEVER use them
  • 50% of ALL new healthy club members QUIT within the first 6 months of signing up
  • 1 in 5 club members use their club at least twice per week. 40% of those who join healthy clubs stop going soon afterwards.
  • 90% of those who join health and fitness clubs will stop going within the first 90 days


So Why Do Most Women Fail To Get Fit Or Stay Fit?

Maybe because…  Diets and Gyms Suck!!! And it’s boring… and you don’t have time…  you have work obligations…  you don’t have anyone to go with…  sometimes you feel out of place…  nobody pushes you to achieve your goals… maybe nobody even helped you plan your goals… maybe nobody has even checked if you have achieved your goals or not… and so on.

We understand you. We’ve been working with women for a long time and getting amazing results.

How Bad Do You Want To Look Beautiful, Shed Some Pounds And Feel Better About Yourself?

Leave The Excuses Behind… Don’t Let The Daily Routine Drag You Down

You Can Do This!

“The Iron Woman Bootcamp put me back on track… I lost eleven pounds in eight weeks…”
Alicia Schwartz, San Clemente, CA

Most of the girls that join our Iron woman Bootcamp have tried some kind of workout, or diet, or signed for a health club, or Crossfit, etc. Some of them had  little success followed by failure and some of them have never had any success at all… but with us… not achieving success or failing is unthinkable. We will do everything in our power to make sure you are improving at least 1% a day.

Why have we created Iron Woman BootCamp?

My name is David Chapman and I’m a Professional Fitness Trainer. The reason we’ve created Iron Woman BootCamp is to provide to every women the RIGHT ‘tools’ they need to live a healthier life style and to feel great about themselves.

We are here to promise you ONE THING, that we will do everything in our power to make you confident with your body again, and enjoy life like never before! When was the last time someone told you that they would do EVERY THING IN THEIR POWER to help you achieve your goals?

That is why we are unique. We’ll go over your goals and we will stay on top of you until you achieve them, then we will help you set new goals and we’ll help you achieve them as well.

Also because Sensei Paulo Guillobel (my partner) is a martial arts expert, we incorporated a little bit of kick boxing and martial art culture to our Fitness Bootcamp to make it more unique.

How Is Iron Woman Boot Camp Different?
  • Our Trainers and friendly staff are 100% committed to keeping you on track towards achieving your personal fitness goals motivating you and making it FUN
  • Our Fitness program is designed specifically for women (just like you) with workout routines that will make your body look sexy and feminine.
  • Because we are a WOMEN-ONLY Bootcamp you will meet up with girls just like you that have similar goals as you.
  • We are not like ordinary gyms, we are a girls’ fitness club – where girls socialize into this noncompetitive atmosphere, motivating each other and developing new friendships that could last a life time.
  • We don’t yell at you nor treat you like a soldier– we keep the classes fun and positive, and work everyone at their own level
  • We have kicks and punches mixed with the workout to make it even more fun
  • We periodically track your results and check your progress to make sure you are getting the results you want
  • We give you professional guidance on meal plans, including tips on tasteful recipes that will help you stay healthy and have more energy, without completely changing your eating habits.

So… Stop waiting for the perfect moment to look beautiful again. Discover how the Iron Woman boot campers did it!!!


Also, we are so confident that you will love our program that we are offering a 30-day-money-back guarantee But Hurry, this offer won’t last FOREVER!

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David Chapman